Indie Corner

This week, Indie Corner features Michelle Mattila and her soon to be released debut novel, The Feeding Path.

Michelle Mattila was born in northern Minnesota. Her childhood consisted of frequent fishing, camping, and hiking trips to some of the state’s thousands of lakes. She began writing poetry when she was eleven years old and wrote her first short story, fifteen pages, when she was twelve. A voracious reader as a child, she could always be found at the library or a nearby lake reading a book. Michelle graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Bemidji State University of Minnesota in the field of psychology with a minor in criminal justice. She worked many years in a drug offender’s early release program and then worked as an in-home counselor for people with serious and long-term mental illnesses as well as teaching cognitive restructuring classes in the partial hospitalization unit.    

Michelle lives on ten wooded acres with her husband of fourteen years and three Labrador Retrievers in northern Minnesota. She is now a full-time novelist and author of the Valenti series novels. Her first in the series, “The Feeding Path,” will be available on Amazon in March 2014. Her second in the series, “Scent of Death,” will be available on Amazon in September 2014.  

The Feeding Path

As Vicky and Joe gaze down at the third murder victim who looks like her, they know a message is being sent. The murderer is coming for her, and he’s coming fast.  F.B.I. agent Joe Valenti tries desperately to protect Vicky from this seemingly unstoppable sadistic serial killer as the killer uses Vicky’s past against her, luring her in, ever closer to his trap.
Despite Joe’s best efforts, the obsessed killer who worships and loathes Vicky succeeds in abducting her. Vicky’s only chance of survival is to use her razor sharp profiling skills to outthink her intelligent and demented captor. She feels deep regret for not killing him long ago, when she had the chance.
Sibling rivalry is such a bitch.   

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