Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Writer Wednesday - Sneak Peek from the upcoming Kelli Storm novel, Eye of the Storm

WARNING - Graphic Language

  As she approached Crawford Street, a blue and white ball bounced across the street in front of her and a little dark haired girl ran out from between two parked cars, chasing it. She slammed on the brakes, swerved to the right and jumped the curb. The car slammed into a decorative yard light and came to rest in a cloud of dust, the hood buried in a huge shrub.

  She pushed the airbag out of the way, shook her head, pushed the door open and climbed out. She staggered to the back of the car, using it to maintain her balance, and pulled her Glock. Something warm ran into her eyes and she wiped at it. Just fucking great, I’ve probably got a concussion. She forced her eyes to focus and looked around for the little girl. Well, at least she’s okay. And here come the fucking Russians. She watched as the sedan came to a stop about twenty yards away and a tall, dark haired man climbed out of the passenger side. Anisimov. Ugly son of a bitch. She stumbled to the passenger side, fell and rolled onto her back. Come on, motherfucker, what are you waiting for?

  She forced her head up, fighting the pain and tapped her ear bud. “Anytime, guys,” she said and passed out.

Friday, June 27, 2014

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When a murder investigation turns Detective Kelli Storm’s attention to a drug kingpin, the last thing she expected was to find a link to her father’s killer from twenty years earlier.

When her new partner is shot during a botched robbery, Detective Kelli Storm never expected that the trail of the shooter would lead her to Colombian drug lord Miguel Garcia; the man who’s cousin she had killed months earlier, and had made numerous attempts on her life. A man she had believed to be dead.

Detective Kelli Storm and her partner, Eric Ryder, are called to the scene of an apparent suicide only to discover that the victim was a Russian hit man and Kelli was to be his next target.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sneak Peek Saturday - Excerpt from the upcoming Kelli Storm Novel - Eye of the Storm

Wednesday October 9th– 9:08 A.M. – East Elmhurst
Rikers Island– Otis Bantum Correctional Center

Kelli sat silent, her arms crossed as she stared across the metal table at Nicholas “Big Nick” Salvino, a thin smile on her face. She stood and walked around behind him. “That was either the Russians coming for payback, or it was your own people out to make sure that you don’t talk. Either way, you’re a marked man, Salvino.”
Salvino cocked his head around, looked up at her and pursed his lips. “Kiss my ass, cop. I’m not telling you a fucking thing, so go fuck yourself. I want to see my attorney.”
Kelli walked back to the other side and sat. “That’s your prerogative, asshole, but once you call in your lawyer, you lose. If it was your people that did this, do you think for one minute that they won’t try it again as soon as you walk out of here?”
Salvino pushed back from the table, crossed his arms and tilted his head back. “I said to fuck off.”
She looked at Greg, shrugged and looked back at Salvino. “Okay, Salvino, I’ll fuck off, but you’re the one who’s fucked. Maybe your pal Giannola will have better sense.”
“Shit, the only thing Skinny Dom is going to tell you is to kiss his ass.”
“We’ll see,” she said and turned to Greg. “I guess he’d rather get a bullet to the back of the head. Come on, let’s go talk to this other wise guy, see if he wants to take the deal.”
Greg looked at Salvino and back at Kelli. “He’d have to be stupid not to, if he wants to stay alive that is.” He looked back at Salvino and shook his head. “Never understood why they call themselves wise guys.”


    Dominic “Skinny Dom” Giannola ducked his head as he stepped through the door and into the room, eying the corrections officer as he crossed to the table. Kelli and Greg were already seated as the man lowered himself into a chair opposite them.
    He looked them over, cocking his head to one side, then the other. “What the fuck you want?”
    Kelli glanced at Greg, and then focused on Giannola. “I’m going to make you the same offer I made your friend Salvino, a chance to stay alive. You turn over your boss, and in exchange you’ll be relocated and given a new identity. Don’t take the deal, and you’re back on the streets with a target on your back.”
    “You’re full of shit. There ain’t nobody out to kill me or Nick. That was just some punks trying to make a name, that’s all. I’ve known the Ferrucci family for a long time, and there ain’t no way they’d want to kill either of us. I’m bettin’ that Nick told you to kiss his ass, didn’t he? Well, you can kiss my ass too, bitch.”
    “I take it that means you’re going to pass on my offer. Okay, I’ll tell you what I told your friend, you’re a marked man, Giannola. You can bet that as soon as you get out, you’re a dead man. There’s going to be somebody waiting for you, and they won’t be there to give you a ride home.”
    Giannola leaned back and crossed his arms. “Like I said, kiss my ass,” he said and stood. “Hey, C.O, I want to go back to my cell now.” He looked down at Kelli, a scowl on his face. “I’ll see you later, bitch.” He turned, walked to the door and banged his right hand against the bars. “I said I want to go back to my cell, now.”

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sneak Peek Saturday - Excerpt from the upcoming Kell Storm novel, Eye of the Storm

The first two containers held exactly what was stated on the manifest, crates of machine parts, bound for Chicago. When they cracked the doors on the third container however, it was all they could do to keep from vomiting. The overpowering stench emanating from the open door was just the beginning. Greg was the first one to regain his composure, and with a hand over his nose and mouth, he entered the container.

“Sick sons of bitches,” he said as he exited moments later. “We’ve got three inside, dead. I didn’t get close enough to check, but my guess is that they died from dehydration. And from the level of decomp, it looks like they’ve been here for a while too.”

Kelli looked up at him, forcing down the bile in her throat. “Those Russian son of a bitches. They kidnap these girls, throw them in this thing and then don’t even give a fuck if they live or not,” she said, balling her fist, her face growing hotter. “I want these fuckers, Greg; they have to pay for this shit.”

“Calm down, Kelli. They will pay, but let’s get these girls out of there first, okay?” He put his arm around her and eased her away from the container. “Gallo, Graham. One of you want to get forensics down here, and a coroner,” he called over his shoulder.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sneak Peek Saturday - Excerpt from the upcoming Kelli Storm novel, Eye of the Storm

Wednesday September 25th – 4:22 A.M. – Yonkers
Home of Kelli Storm

Kelli rolled onto her back and opened her eyes. Was that breaking glass, or was I dreaming? Shit, I’d better get up and check anyway. She looked over at Greg, who was still sleeping, shrugged and climbed out of bed. She stepped into her slippers, threw on her robe and picked her Glock up off the nightstand.
As she moved toward the door, another sound came from the hallway, and this time she knew she wasn’t dreaming it. It wasn’t breaking glass this time, it was human, and it was close. She stepped back, raising the weapon held tight in her hands, her eyes focused on the door. Her legs bumped against the bed and she fought to keep her balance.
A floorboard creaked just outside the door and she steadied herself, both hands on her Glock, ready for the intruder. She stood frozen, finger on the trigger as the doorknob turned and the door eased open. The door inched open wider and a large silhouette appeared, right hand raised, the glint of steel reflecting in the moonlight.
“Stop right there,” she shouted. “Drop the knife and get on your knees.”
The figure froze, but only for a second and then lunged forward, the knife high above its head.