Friday, August 28, 2015

Excerpt from Storm Rising A Kelli Storm Novel from Three Worlds Press

Friday September 4th, 10:55 A.M. Washington Heights
West 175th Street - Apartment Building of Carlos Rodriguez

The M.E. identified the five bodies from the building. The four men she didn’t recognize were all Puerto Ricans. The Dominican gangs and Puerto Ricans had an ongoing rivalry, especially when it came to their turf. Kelli already knew the fifth man, Francisco Trujillo.

The shell casings were all 9MM and CSU recovered twenty-five of them. They only pulled one usable partial print off a shell casing, which made her smile. The partial put Carlos Rodriguez at the scene, making him one of the shooters. Now, she had enough for an arrest warrant.

Kelli and the rest of the squad waited down the hall as the ESU team made their approach. The tactical unit reached the door and made ready. One man stepped up and broke it in with a ram.

As soon as the door swung open, ESU poured inside, shouting for the occupants to drop their weapons. Several more shouts came from inside the apartment as they cleared each room. Frank took the lead and headed in. Kelli and the other detectives followed.

When she stepped inside, Kelli saw Carlos and the two men from the shooting in Brooklyn. There were four other men she’d never seen before and figured them for new recruits to the DDP. ESU had them all lined up on their knees, hands on their heads. Carlos met her stare with a scowl, his eyes glowing with contempt.

“Hey, you okay?”

Kelli turned her head and looked at Frank. “Yeah, I’m good. I’ve got this son of a bitch.” She walked toward Carlos and took her handcuffs out as she stepped up behind him. “Carlos Rodriguez. You’re under arrest. You have the right to remain silent, but I know what a big mouth you have, so feel free to say anything you want. You have the right to an attorney…” She continued reading his Miranda rights as she placed the cuffs on his wrist, cinching them as tight as the metal would allow.

The other detectives proceeded to handcuff the crew. Kelli hauled Carlos to his feet and led him out the door. “I’ve got you this time, Carlos.”

“You ain’t got shit, bitch.” He turned his head and spit in her direction.

She lifted up on the cuffs, causing him to pitch forward. “Do that again, asshole, and you’ll be going to the hospital instead of the precinct.”

Thursday, August 27, 2015

First Amazon review for the new Storm Risng A Kelli Storm Novel from Three Worlds Publishing

5.0 out of 5 stars Suspenseful page-turner, August 27, 2015
This review is from: Storm Rising (A Kelli Storm Novel Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
Kelli Storm is as feisty as she is brave and smart. With a full plate in her personal life, she tackles a case that puts her and everyone around her in danger.

This is the first in a series and is a page-turner, breath-taker from start to finish. It's gritty and smart and has well rounded, engaging characters. This is definitely a series to watch

Saturday, August 22, 2015

A teaser from The Riverwalk Murders - A psychological thriller and work in progress


He sat on his haunches a few feet away, arms wrapped around his body, slowly rocking back and forth. The adrenaline still coursed through him, heightening his senses, and he loved every second of it. The girl was quiet now, a glistening pool of red the only evidence of her violent end, strands of her golden hair matted in the thickening goo. He gathered himself, got onto his hands and knees and crawled over to her now lifeless body.

He looked down at her and smiled. She appeared much more peaceful now, almost angelic. The light had gone out of the beautiful green eyes that had once shined so brightly. He hadn’t always looked into their eyes, they were the windows to the soul, and he had never wanted to look into someone else’s soul knowing what lay within his own.

His first kill had been easy, one simple slice to the left carotid and across to the other with the scalpel. The sound of his victim choking on her own blood had enthralled him. When he looked into the eyes of number four and saw her raw fear, it excited him. After that, he had looked into each of his victim’s eyes, drinking in their fear and taking his trophies afterward.

He reached for his backpack, removed a small pouch and unzipped it. The instrument inside was a fairly recent addition, and made it much easier and cleaner than his previous way of obtaining his trophies. His first trophy came from a petite redhead he had met at a friend’s party, before he left for college. She had been his first kill, and had the most beautiful green eyes he could ever recall seeing. They reminded him of his first love.

All he had then was his scalpel, and his hands shook with anticipation. He botched the removal, leaving the trophy a torn mess. But he learned from that mistake. He gently removed the evisceration scoop and held it gently in his right hand, turning it over, admiring the simple beauty of it. He set it back in the pouch, reached into the backpack and removed a small jar of alcohol. This was another lesson he had learned.

He set the jar down next to her head, picked up the scalpel and went to the task of removing her eyelids. They always got in the way. Slowly and gently, he cut into the skin just below the brow ridge, carefully following an imaginary line. This too had taken months of practice, he could not cut too deep, or his trophies would be ruined.

He gently removed the first eyelid and went to work on the second. In the beginning he had only taken one eye, though after number eight, he decided that it wasn’t right to leave the other behind. They all had such beautiful eyes, even in death, and these eyes were no exception. He removed the second eyelid, set the scalpel down and picked up the scoop. It was time to remove his trophies.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Planned release for Storm Risng A Kelli Storm Novel from Three Worlds Press

The revised and fully edited version of Storm Rising A Kelli Storm Novel is set to release on August 27th in all eBook formats. It even has a new cover.

Available from Kindle, iTunes and Nook. Paperback version coming soon.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Kelli Storm Series coming soon

Wrapped up the last round of edits and proofing on Storm Rising A Kelli Storm Novel, thanks to my wonderful editor, Melissa Shirley, and now it's ready for publication. I don't have the release date yet, but it will be in September. Also just completed the third round of edits on Storm Warning and sent back to my publisher to see what else needs to be fixed. Hopefully it will go on to the line editor before it makes it's way back to me.

Keep checking back to find out the release date for the entire Kelli Storm series, published by Three Worlds Press. (In all electronic formats and paperback.)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

New publisher

It is now official. I signed with Three Worlds Press today, an imprint of Three Worlds Productions out of Freehold, NJ. So now, even though I have always considered myself an author, I now have a publishing company backing me. It does mean a lot more work, however, I know that it will all be worth it. They will be publishing the Kelli Storm series, books 1-4, and hopefully my future works.

You can visit Three World Publishing at:

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

UPDATE: The Riverwalk Murders - Work in progress

I know I haven't been very active on here, so time to make up for that. On the work in progress front, I've hit 21,794 on The Riverwalk Murders, a psychological thrill set in San Antonio and featuring the famous San Antonio River Walk. The main character is Cal Jessup, a retired San Antonio Police Detective who is called back to service after five years when a notorious serial killer surfaces once more and begins terrorizing the city and it's tourist trade. Cal is hesitant at first, not wanting to get involved in a case he failed to solve the first time around, at least until he finds out his estranged daughter is involved. As the bodies begin piling up, Cal soon finds himself once again embroiled in a battle of wits with the psychopathic killer, fighting a cat and mouse game of hide and seek.


About Cal Jessup:

Calvin Davis Jessup, named after his maternal great-great grandfather who fought in the Civil War for the Confederacy, worked for the San Antonio Police Department for thirty years. Born in Sequin, Texas to August Carroll Jessup and Laurel Jean Adams. Four years before his retirement, he caught a murder case involving a young woman, a tourist from Mississippi. Her body was discovered in the Mission Reach area, near the river, her throat slashed and her eyes missing. At first he suspects the woman's boyfriend, until his alibi is confirmed. When a second woman's body was discovered in the same area weeks later, with the same wounds, Cal knew they had a serial killer on the loose. After chasing the elusive killer for four years, only to have him disappear, Cal decided it was time to call it and so he retired to a small town in west Texas. The idea was to just sit back and enjoy the slow life of a small town, though that was not to be as he was soon talked into running for Sheriff and ended up winning.

He began his career in law enforcement with the SAPD when he was twenty-two, at the urging of his mother, who was a big influence on him. Soon after joining the department, he met and married Ann Marie Carstares and a year later they had a daughter, Lisa Marie. However, in an unfortunate turn of events, Ann Marie was killed in a car accident when Lisa was fourteen. Lisa blamed her father for her mother's death and their relationship soon became strained, so much so that Cal sent her away to live with her grandmother in Louisiana. After that, he threw himself into the job and tracking down the serial killer, only to have the trail go cold.


That brings us back to the present, so to speak. As the story is far from complete, you will have to be satisfied with this much. Oh, I do plan on posting snippets from time to time, as I have with previous novels, but you will have to be patient. What's that, what about the killer? Sorry, that's a closely guarded secret, and besides, he really wouldn't want me telling you anything about him, he's very private. Oh, and yes, he's very psycho. Hell, he even scares me! With any luck I'll have this thing wrapped up and ready to go in four or five months. Just hang in there.

Coming Soon!