Monday, July 18, 2011

Reviews of Storm Rising from Smashwords

Review by: John Poindexter on July 16, 2011 : star star star star star
Storm Rising, a Kelli Storm Novel written by Kenneth Hoss, is a detective novel that displays great knowledge of police procedures.

This is a book that will draw you into the world of Kelli Storm and make you want to run out and find the next installment to learn more about this female detective.

A highly recommended read for all of those that like detective stories.

Review by: Carolyn Arnold on July 04, 2011 : star star star star star
Kenneth Hoss has a well-rounded character in Kelli Storm. Although, a tough and determined Detective, she has a vulnerability to her. His research and knowledge of police work show through in the pages of Storm Rising. A must read for those who love police procedural mysteries.

Review by: Todd Bush on June 14, 2011 : star star star star star
Ken has written a fabulous book with a tremendous main character. Kelli Storm is one of those characters you want to follow through several books just to see how deep Kenneth Hoss will take you inside her life and her story. I highly recommend this book!

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