Saturday, February 4, 2012

Review of Storm Rising - A Kelli Storm Novel by Kayden Lee

I recently came across Storm Rising, a mystery/thriller/suspense novel by Kenneth Hoss. As I am not generally drawn to detective centered stories, I probably would have passed on the book had I not heard such great things about it. I am glad that I trusted the reviews and read the book. Kenneth Hoss has managed to tell his story in a way which keeps the well written, fast paced saga interesting and entertaining.

Kelli Storm is a gritty, down to earth female protagonist who is determined to take care of herself and those she loves. After being pulled into a whirlwind of personal battles, the strong willed, spunky detective is determined to hold her own in both her professional and personal life, leaning on those she must in order to do this. Although Kelli Storm is not always likable, she is very believable, and that combined with an interesting storyline makes the book a good read. I am interested to see what mess Kelli will find herself in, with the next book of the series.

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