Friday, August 17, 2012

Fan Friday - Surprise Sneak Peek from ~Storm Warning - A Kelli Storm Novel~

Tuesday October 27th 2:48 P.M. Manhattan
West 125th Street - New York County District Attorney’s Office

Kelli pushed the file across to ADA John Beckman and sat back. “You have got to keep Jesus Reyes in isolation. He got lucky today and survived, but if he gets put back into Gen Pop, these people are not going to miss again.”
The ADA picked the folder up and leaned back. “I can’t guarantee anything. You’ve got to bring me more on this before I can even think about pursuing a case against Diaz,” he said as he tossed the file onto the desk.
“What more do you want? Reyes almost lost his life today, isn’t that enough? You and I both know that Diaz had a hand in that.”
“I don’t know any such thing. I’m sure that Reyes has made enemies in jail, and anyone of them could have attacked him. Without any evidence against Diaz, there’s no case, Detective. You want this guy protected, bring me something I can work with, or he goes back into Gen Pop as soon as the doctor releases him.”
Kelli stood up and grabbed the file. “That’s just it, Reyes is our evidence. He goes back inside and you might as well be the one sticking the knife in his back.”
The ADA stood, walked around the desk and looked down at Kelli. “You’re wrong, Detective. You’re the one sticking the knife in his back, not me. Bring me something I can use and I’ll make sure Reyes is protected.”
Kelli turned and started for the door. “Fucking asshole,” she said under her breath.
“What was that, Detective?”
She stopped and turned to face him. “Nothing. I’ll get you something, but I need some time.”
“You’ve got forty-eight hours. That’s when Reyes goes back to Gen Pop. Find me something, Detective, because I don’t like this anymore than you do.”
Kelli turned and walked out. I’ll bet you don’t. Asshole.

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