Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Brief Biography of Detective 3rd Grade Kelli Storm

Kelli Storm, Detective, NYPD

Kelli is intelligent and tough, yet feminine. She has the tenacity of a pit bull and doesn’t let go of a case until it’s solved.

About Kelli

Her father’s name was Robert and her mother is Catherine. Robert’s parents were Scandinavian descent and he grew up in Jamestown, New York. Her mother is Irish and her maiden name is Murphy. Her mother was born in Ireland in 1951 and immigrated to U.S. in 1965 with her parents and grew up in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan. She met Robert through a friend in 1975 and Kelli was born on June 24th 1978.

Kelli has shoulder-length brown hair, tied back most of the time because it's in her face, brown eyes, and pretty. She wears little or no makeup. She doesn't need it. With it she'd be a knockout. Without it she's girl-next-door pretty, especially when she smiles. She stands 5’5”, but her small stature doesn't keep her from kicking ass.

Her father joined NYPD 1972, at the age of 22 and spent 16 years on the job until his murder. He married her mother in 1977. Kelli also joined the NYPD at age 22 after graduating from Saint John’s University in Queens with a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice. Her father was shot on August 15th, 1988, on McLean Avenue in Yonkers, a block from the Saint Paul the Apostle Church.

As a child of 10, she witnessed her father’s murder, gunned down on in their quite little neighborhood in Yonkers, New York. They were on their way to church on a sunny Sunday afternoon in August. An unknown man in a black sedan with tinted windows drove by and shot her father. He had been holding her hand and suddenly let go. All she had been able to do was kneel at his side, crying, tears rolling down her cheeks, shaking him and begging him to wake up. She still has nightmares about it.

Now she is a detective on the NYPD and looking for her father’s killer or killers. He had been working on a murder case involving drug kingpin Santiago Luis Polanco-Rodriguez, also known as Yayo.

Kelli started her career working out of 9th Precinct Anti-Crime Unit in the East Village. She is now at the 33rd Precinct in Washington Heights.

In her second year on the job, she received the NYPD Medal of Honor for saving her first partners life during a liquor store robbery while on patrol. Putting herself at risk, she drew fire from the suspect so her partner could drag himself to cover. He was seriously wounded, but survived with three rounds in his lower torso, and one in his right leg. The suspect kept firing using a 9mm and Kelli returned fire, killing the suspect. She received the medal three months later. The Police Commissioner presented it to her at a ceremony attended by her mother.

Her first partner, Jim Wallace took early retirement at the age of 55. Her second partner was Ron Phillips, in Robbery/Homicide at the 9th Precinct. Ron was killed during the bust of a robbery suspect, shot in the back by the man’s girlfriend. Shortly after his death, and the subsequent death of the suspect, Kelli transferred to the 33rd Precinct and was promoted to Detective 3rd Grade where Lieutenant Frank Cummins took her under his wing and made her the detective she is today.
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