Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sample Sunday - from chapter seventeen

    She explained her plan. Kevin would go to the other end and wait. Once he was in position, she would move to the next row of cars and create a distraction. Kevin would then move up from behind and with luck, disarm the men.
    Kevin looked at her, his brow furrowed. “And what if they both go to check out the noise? What then?”
    She sighed and lowered her head. “You watch them. If they both move to check it out, come back this way and signal me. If only one of them moves, I’ll take him and you take the other guy. Look, this is going to work. It has to work.”
    “Okay, but don’t go taking any unnecessary risk. These guys aren’t going to play nice.” He leaned over and kissed her cheek, turned and made his way to the other end.
    Kelli felt her face flush. It had been a long time since she had felt the touch of his lips. She composed herself and peered around the front of the old Dodge. The two men were standing in front of the building, facing each other.
    The men appeared to be in a heated discussion, both of them gesturing wildly with their hands. She eased around the front of the car and moved to the next row of wrecked cars. There was a panel van at the end of the row, and she ducked in beside it.
    She looked around for something to throw and found a rusted fan blade. This should do it. She picked it up and tossed it at the sheet metal fence. The fan hit the fence, causing it to vibrate down its length. Kelli peered around the rear of the van and saw the two men look in her direction.
    They looked at each and the larger of the two moved in her direction. At least one of them took the bait. I just hope Kevin is ready. She had intended to move back to where she and Kevin had been waiting earlier, but the man moved faster than his size indicated. She listened as the man got closer.
    She couldn’t see Kevin, and hoped he was ready to take the other man. As she waited, she heard a voice call out.
    “Hey, Tony! You find out what made that noise?”
    She heard the second man shout back. “Naw, I ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”
    “Then get your fat ass back over here.”
    The man called Tony was closer now, and she could hear the gravel crunching under his shoes. “Yeah, yeah, give me a minute. I just want to check these last couple of rows.”
    The large man stopped a few feet from where Kelli was hiding and she could hear him turn around. “Hey, Vinny, what’s the matter with you?” There was a pause and he called out again. “Hey, what the fuck, Vinny? I’m talkin’ to you. Answer me you stupid shit.”
    Kelli peered around the corner of the van and saw the man standing just a few feet away, his back to her. It’s now or never, Kelli. She stood up and eased around the back of the van, her Ruger LCP aimed at the man’s back. She crept up on the man and stuck the muzzle into his back.
    She could see the man tense up. “What the fuck? Is this some kinda joke?”
    “No joke asshole, drop the gun and kick it away,” she said, pushing the muzzle harder into his side.
    The man raised his arms and dropped his Beretta, kicking it toward the fence. “You’re that bitch cop. The old lady’s daughter, right?”
    “Yeah, I’m a bitch and I’m a cop. And you’re the biggest piece of shit I’ve ever seen.” She pushed the Ruger harder into his ribs. “Move it asshole, you’re going to take me to my mother.”