Sunday, August 7, 2011


I just found out about this today. You can get an "autographed" copy of STORM RISING - A KELLI STORM NOVEL, if you purchased it from Amazon. Once I receive the request, I will "sign" it. Great way to get an autographed copy of any e-book on Kindle.

Sample Sunday - excerpt from Chapter Twenty Two

Tuesday September 1st 7:45 A.M., Washington Heights
33rd Precinct Detective Unit

   Kelli woke up well before the alarm started blaring and got ready for work. She spent the night tossing and turning, unable to sleep, and having Kevin sleeping down the hall didn’t help. She managed to shower and dress without waking him, and left a note on the kitchen table.
   The lieutenant was surprised to see her when he walked in at seven-thirty. He walked past her and into his office, only to emerge a few minutes later. “I didn’t expect to see you back today. I thought maybe you’d want to take a few more days, spend some time at the hospital with your partner.”
   Kelli looked up and sighed. “Yeah, well I was planning on going over to see him later today. Can we talk in your office?”
   He nodded. “Sure. But can it wait until after I hand out assignments?”
   “Sure, it can wait.”
   He turned and walked back to his office, picked up a clipboard and reentered the squad room. He read off a couple of bulletins, and then handed out the assignments. When he finished, he motioned for Kelli.
   She stood and followed him into the small office and shut the door. “I had a talk with Farnsworth yesterday afternoon. I showed him evidence that his CS, Carlos, was involved in the break-in at my house yesterday morning.”
   “What kind of evidence?”
   “There were no full prints, but they did recover several partials. There wasn’t enough to place Carlos at the scene, but there were two other sets that matched Santoro and a second man. Only it turns out the second man is an undercover DEA agent.”
   The lieutenant leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms. “Farnsworth has an undercover agent in with these guys, and he didn’t bother to tell us? What the fuck? How long has the guy been on the inside?”
   “He said the guy has been working it for two years now, and he’s in pretty deep. I guess he had to go along with it to keep his cover.”
   “If this son of a bitch knew Carlos was about to hit a member of my squad, he should have found a way to warn us. What’s Farnsworth doing about it?”
   “He told me to give him a couple of days. He’s going to meet his guy and debrief him. As soon as he does that, he’s supposed to call me.”
   The lieutenant shook his head. “Fucking Feds. They play these games, endanger lives, and act like it’s no big deal. Let me know as soon as Farnsworth contacts you, and what he plans to do.”
   She nodded. “You got it, boss.” She turned, opened the door and turned back to the lieutenant. “I’m going to get this bastard, one way or another. That’s a promise.”