Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Coming Attractions

Check back this Sunday for a new "Indie Author in the Spotlight", Dax M. Tucker, author of "The Leaf Catcher". This Saturday I will also be interviewing author Joe Crubaugh. Additionally on Saturday, you will have the opportunity to meet four of the MWSA 2011 Award Nominees. So be sure to check back this weekend for these and other post.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Excerpt from Chapter Twenty Eight of Storm Rising

   If the lieutenant found out what she was doing, he would have her badge. At least Kevin was onboard with it, though she would have done it without his okay.
   She wanted to find out more about this Columbian, and to do that she had to follow his crew, and this place seemed to be at the center of his world. She just had to wait. Eventually she would spot Santoro, or another one of the Columbian’s crew. Then it was just a matter of following them.
   She borrowed Kevin’s Expedition, since the shop still had her car. She didn’t want to get her mother’s Cadillac shot up, if things got messy. She just hoped things didn’t get messy. Well, Kevin needs to get a new car anyway. This thing is falling apart.
   From her position down the street, she could see anyone going into or leaving the club. So far, it was slow, with only about a half a dozen men going in, and two leaving. She didn’t recognize any of them.
   Her cell phone rang and she glanced at the caller ID. Crap, Kevin, you know I’m on a stakeout. She flipped it open. “What do you need, Kevin. I’m a little busy right now.” She could hear the sharp tone in her voice and quickly apologized. “I’m sorry, Kevin. It’s just been a long day out here. What is it?”
   “Well, I was calling to let you know I was coming down to meet you, but now I’m not so sure I want to.”
   “Kevin, I said I was sorry. Actually, having you here would make this easier. I never did like solo stakeouts.”
   “Yeah, neither do I. So, where are you exactly?”
   “Just up the street from Cheetahs. How are you going to get here anyway? I’ve got your car.”
   “I borrowed Mike’s car. He owes me a favor.”
   “Mike? The same Mike that was your best man? The one that took you out the night before our wedding and got you shit faced drunk?”
   Kevin laughed. “Yeah, that’s the guy. He still goes out on weekends and gets shit faced. That’s kind of why he owes me.”
   “You don’t still…”
   “Oh no, I don’t. I quit a long time ago.”
   “Okay. You know I had to ask. Now get your ass down here. Do you think you can grab us something to eat on the way? I’m starved.”
   “Sure, no problem. I’ll grab some burgers or something. That okay?”
   “Burgers, a side of beef, whatever, I don’t care. Just get something and bring it.” She hung up and set the phone down. Damnit, why do I do that? If I keep that shit up, he’s not going to stick around.