Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Teaser Tuesday - Opening Scene from the next Kelli Storm novel

I'm switching it up a little, instead of having Thriller Thursday, I decided to do a Teaser Tuesday. Here is the first scene from the much anticipated upcoming Kelli Storm novel, yet untitled. Enjoy!

Friday August 16th – 6:37 A.M. – Washington Heights
Highbridge Park – Edgecombe Avenue and West 163rd

Detective Kelli Storm pulled up behind the Medical Examiner’s van and spotted her partner, Eric Ryder, standing next to a uniformed officer. She parked, got out and approached the two men. “Great way to start the day. So what have we got, Eric?”
Eric excused the uniformed officer, turned and sighed. “We’ve got a DB. Female, approximately nineteen years old, no ID, no purse. Had her throat sliced open, but it looks to be a dump job, no blood here.”
“Okay, let’s go have a look,” she said and headed for the crime scene tape. “Where’s the body?”
“Just on the other side of these rocks, to the right here.”
As she cleared the rock outcropping, Kelli spotted the M.E. and several uniformed officers. She ducked under the tape and headed for the M.E., Jack Hastings. “Morning, Jack.”
“Well, good morning, Detective Storm. Guess you and your partner got the luck of the draw on this one, you’re lieutenant must really like you” he said as he stood up from the body. “Terrible thing,” he said as he looked down at the body and shook his head.
“Yeah, it is, Jack, and yes, Frank absolutely loves us,” she said and rolled her eyes. “What else can you tell me that you haven’t already told Eric?”
“I can’t give you much more except that she wasn’t killed here. As for time of death, hard to tell, but if I had to guess I’d say that she died sometime between one and three this morning. I’ll know more once I get her on the table.”
Kelli looked down at the body, closed her eyes and sighed. “Okay, Jack, just keep us posted,” she said and looked at Eric. “Who found the body?”
“Early morning jogger. I’ve got one of the uniforms babysitting him. Officer Wolanski took his statement,” he said, flipping out his notebook. “I got his information and a copy of the statement. You want to take him back to the Squad for more questioning?”
“No, as long as we have his contact info, let the guy go. If we need anything, we can always get with him later. Come on, let’s head to the Squad and run our victim through the system, see if we can ID her,” she said and watched as the Medical Examiner’s assistant wheeled the body to the van. “Why do I have a bad feeling about this?”