Sunday, August 21, 2011

Storm Rising receives another 5 Star review

Review by: Christopher David Petersen on Aug. 21, 2011 : star star star star star
I rarely read crime novels, but this one drew me in. It was fast paced and lots of action... a real page turner. I think I may now be a genre convert - lol.

I loved the main character's tough, no nonesense personality and her perseverance to overcome every obstacle (which there are many!). The story moved along very well and was obviously well researched by the author. As I said earlier, I don't normaly read crime novels, but I'm sure this one ranks up there with the best. It was THAT good!

I highly recommend it to others.

Sample Sunday - Excerpt from Chapter Twenty Six of Storm Rising

   She exited onto McLean and got into the left turn lane, waiting for the light. Glancing in her rearview, she noticed a black SUV a few cars back. It was a black SUV that pulled in behind Bill and Sherry and shot up their car. The light changed and Kelli made her turn.
   She watched the SUV make the turn and speed up, moving into the right lane and passing the other cars. Kelli saw that the light ahead was ready to change, and sped up. The SUV picked up speed and ran the red, causing two other cars to collide.
   Kelli was forced to slow down by the traffic ahead, and the SUV pulled in behind her. Her heart began to race, and so did her mind. There were too many people on the streets, and she knew if there was gunfire, innocent civilians could get hurt.
   She made a quick right and sped up. The SUV followed, squealing its tires as it made the turn. Kelli raced past the houses, sounding her horn as she approached intersections. She knew exactly where to lead them, Tibbetts Brook Park. She knew that it would be closing soon, and that would minimize possible casualties.
   Kelli checked her rearview and could see the SUV closing. She glanced at the speedometer and saw she was already pushing fifty. She slowed, made a sharp right and punched the accelerator. She could hear the SUV make the turn a few seconds later. She thought about calling Kevin, but her cell phone was in her purse.
   Her destination was still several blocks away, and the driver of the SUV was pushing it. She saw her next turn coming up and took it, tires screeching on the pavement. Glancing in her side mirror, she could see the SUV skid into the turn. She pushed the gas pedal to the floor, knowing that her next turn would be coming up soon.
   The SUV was closing again, and she knew she couldn’t let the driver catch up. She saw her turn ahead and pushed her car to its limits. She slowed, made a left and punched it again.
   She passed the High School track and the road began to curve, forcing her to slow. The SUV closed and rammed her from behind. The car lurched forward, and she fought for control. There were still houses around, and Kelli knew she had to make it to the park.
   She pressed her foot on the accelerator and the car leapt forward, leaving the SUV behind. She crossed Midland Avenue and entered the park. The road took a sharp curve to the right and she took it wide, maintaining her speed.
   The SUV closed again, and Kelli decided it was time to put an end to the chase. She slammed on the brake and spun the wheel to the right, spinning the car sideways and coming to a stop in the middle of the road. She jumped out and drew her Glock.
   The SUV screeched to a stop and three men jumped out, one with an AK-47, the other two with handguns. Kelli took cover behind the car, her Glock aimed at the three men. “NYPD, drop your weapons.”   
   The men advanced and began firing. Kelli dropped to the ground while bullets pelted her car, and glass showered her.
   After several minutes, the shooting stopped and she moved to the rear of the car. She looked to see where the men were, and could see they had moved closer. They were changing out clips and watching the front of the car.
   She knew this was her only chance. She stood up, her Glock ready, and fired on the men. Caught by surprise, the men fumbled for their weapons. Kelli hit the man closest twice in the chest and he went down.
   The other two brought their weapons up and swung around to face her. She hit the next man in the right shoulder, causing him to drop his weapon and fall to the ground. The third man began firing, and she took cover.
   She kept low and moved to the front of the car. The man was firing wild, spraying her car from front to back. She waited until he stopped and was about to make her move, when she heard someone shouting in Spanish. She peeked over the hood and saw the third man helping his wounded friend off the ground.
   They made their way back to the SUV and climbed in. The SUV backed up and turned around. She watched as it sped off, leaving her and the dead man behind. She stood up and sighed, brushing the glass out of her hair.