Saturday, August 6, 2011

Watch for a new Indie Author in the Spotlight tomorrow

This week I will be featuring Dale Phillips and his latest book. Be sure to drop by this Sunday and check it out.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Another 5 Star Review for Storm Rising - A Kelli Storm Novel on GoodReads

Sara Parkes rated it 5 of 5 stars
A really good book. I struggled to get into it initially (Not entirely sure why) but after 50 pages or so I got into it and found I couldn't put it down! Kelli Storm is a fascinating character, I actually think she would be fun enough and interesting enough to keep my interest even if the story wasn't that good but, she is coupled with not only a fantastic storyline too but really good writing.

Highly recommended.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Latest Review for Storm Rising - A Kelli Storm Novel on Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars A great thriller for everyone., August 1, 2011

Storm Rising - A Kelli Storm Novel (Kindle Edition)
I enjoyed reading Storm Rising. I really got into the character Kelly Storm who is sort of a loose cannon on the police force. She doesn't follow rules and has a gritty edge. She is like a dirty Harry, but a female detective. The story weaves current events into the past. Muchl of the drama takes place while she is wrestling with how to take care of her mother who has alzheimer’s. She is driven to find her father's murderer. She also is enlisting the help of her ex, who is also a cop. Someone is out to kill Kelly and anyone associated closely to her. This sets up a string of murders, kidnappings and intense drama which will keep you turning pages and wanting more. Looking forward to the sequel and Kelly Storm adventures. Great debut thriller from a new writer who writes from the hip and doesn't hold anything back.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sample Sunday - From Chapter Twenty of Storm Rising

Sunday August 30th, 4:55P.M. Yonkers
Home of Kelli Storm

   Kevin’s beat up Expedition was sitting out front when Kelli pulled into her driveway. She wasn’t surprised to see it. In fact, she had hoped he would be there. He was already walking to her car as she got out.
   She put her arms around him and kissed him. He half-heartedly kissed her back, and she could see by the look on his face that something was wrong. “What is it, Kevin, what’s wrong?”
   He frowned as he took her arm. “Let’s go inside,” he said, leading her toward the front door.
   “No, tell me now”, she said, pulling away from him, a feeling of panic rising.
   “It’s not what you think. Your mother is fine. It’s something else. Now, let’s go inside and we can talk.”
   Her panic subsided a little and she nodded. “Okay, we’ll talk inside.”
   She headed for the front door, with Kevin at her side. When they were inside, she turned to Kevin. Before she could speak, he took her arm and guided her into the living room. “I think you’d better sit down,” he said, frowning.
   She felt the panic rising again and sat down on the sofa. Kevin sat next to her and took her hand. She looked into his eyes and could see the pain they held. “Kevin, tell me what’s going on.”
   He lowered his head, avoiding her gaze. “They tried to reach you on your cell, and when they couldn’t, they called me. Kelli, your partner’s been shot.”
   Her hands flew to her face as she cried out. “Oh my God! Is he okay? Where is he?”
   “He’s at Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx. Your lieutenant said they had him in surgery and it’d be a couple of hours before there was any news. Kelli, he wasn’t alone. His wife was with him.”
   “No,” she said, shaking her head. “Tell me she’s okay.” She looked at Kevin, and felt the hot tears streaming down her cheeks. She could see it in his eyes. He didn’t have to say anything.
   He lowered his head and sighed. “I wish I could tell you that she’s fine, but I don’t know. She’s in surgery too, and your lieutenant hasn’t heard anything. The bastards didn’t care about anyone else. They just wanted to make sure they got your partner.”
   Now she felt the anger welling up inside, her face growing hotter. “It’s one thing to come after me, I can understand that. Taking my mother was a big mistake too, but this is too much. What about his son?”