Roy Huff

 Author of

Everville - The First Pillar

and the upcoming

Everville - The City of Worms

From May 12th through May 16th, Roy is giving away his first book on Amazon. Be sure to mark your calendars and pick up a copy.

Now, more about Roy and his books.

Roy Huff holds five degrees in four separate disciplines including liberal arts, history, secondary science education, and geoscience. Roy Huff's background includes work in art, history, education, business, real-estate, economics, geoscience, and satellite meteorology. He was born on the East Coast but has spent more than half his life in Hawaii, where he currently resides and writes his epic fantasy sagas. Roy is the author of Amazon Kindle's bestselling #2 epic fantasy and #3 young adult teen fantasy novel, Everville: The First Pillar. He is a man of many interests including but not limited to science, traveling, movies, the outdoors, and writing. He is very much interested in science education and hopes to inspire others to pursue their dreams.

Owen Sage was a seemingly normal college freshman at Easton Falls University, but the worries about his first year in college were soon forgotten once he was drawn into the land of Everville. He soon discovered that there was a darkness forged against both the natural world, which he knew well, and the new land which he discovered, Everville. He must devise a plan to save both worlds while joining forces with the race of Fron and The Keepers, whom both harbor hidden secrets he must learn in order to gain power over the evil that dwells in The Other In Between. With a race against time to save both worlds, his short time at Easton Falls did not quite prepare him for the evil, dark forces he must fight in order to conquer The Other In Between.

Scheduled release - August 2013

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 Scared Murder
Louise James

Georgia Writers to release debut Murder/Suspense Novel

Louise James is nestled off the coast of Georgia busy writing a murder and suspense novel "Sacred Murder, Marci Perez, Book 1", which will be released 2012. With notes for six books in this series, a working title "Deceitful Murder" is the second installment.

Louise James is the pen name for Brenda Woody and Steve Tindle. Louise is Brenda's middle name and James is Steve's given name. Steve and Brenda were high school friends in Georgia who reconnected, on a social network, after thirty years of leading separate lives. During their re-acquaintance, they found their past and interests were similar; they had written poems, songs, and both had the desire to be published.


Available Fall 2012 on Amazon, B&N, Kobo, OmniLit and Smashwords

Working for the Orleans Parrish, Police Narcotic Marci Perez and her partner, Bill Gammon, keep drug dealers off the street. It’s a hard job, but Marci loves her profession and is up for promotion to Detective.

However, the murder of three women connected to an escort service will have the homicide department recruiting Marci to work undercover. This fresh start in her career opens her eyes to a whole new world of murder and underground crime.

Sacred Murder is darkened with evil voodoo and a twisted killer. Will Marci Perez be the only one who can stop the maniac?


(A Madison Knight Novel)
Carolyn Arnold

When the son of business tycoon Marcus Randall washes up on the shore of the Bradshaw River, Detective Madison Knight must sacrifice everything—including her career—to find justice for the “perfect murder”.

With Randall already on the radar of the Secret Service for fraud and counterfeiting, the investigation sheds new light and they require the full cooperation of the Stiles PD. But with power and money to back him, Marcus has a reach that extends right inside the police department.

If Madison’s going to find out the truth, she’ll have to sort through the lies and balance diplomacy with politics.

3rd in the Madison Knight series



I am donating 100% of the proceeds from the sale of my book for the next six months, both eBook and paperback formats, to Freedom is not Free. This is a non-profit veterans organization that aids wounded veterans and their families, as well as families of the fallen. Please join me in supporting those who have given their all in preserving our freedom.

For more information, please visit their site:

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I would like to start off this new blog page by announcing that my friend and fellow author, Sandy Wolters, has just had her novel "Justice for Emily" published in paperback. You can find out more at the link below.