Thursday, May 26, 2011

Long Weekend and back to Storm Warning

While some people will be out having barbeques, swimming, boating and all of the usual Memorial Day festivities, I will have my BIC. (Butt In Chair) I have had multiple false starts with this WIP, and have put it off as long as I dare. (No more procrastinating!) So, I kicked my muse in the butt and told her to come up with something. As to the quality of what she gave me, at the moment I am happy. Granted there isn't much of it, only 162 words, but I believe them to be very good words.

So, for the long weekend I will be a hermit, showing my face to the outside world only when I absolutely have to go out. (Say for food or other life sustaining items.) Oh, and I may or may not pop in on Twitter. If I do, it will be brief. Wish me luck, and if you don't hear from me by Tuesday, send out search teams.

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