Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sample Sunday - Excerpt from Chapter Thirty Three of Storm Rising

Wednesday September 30th, 7:02 A.M. - Mexico
Somewhere in the desert, southwest of Juarez

   The sun was just above the horizon as the three made their way back to the truck. As they drew closer, Angelo began waving, and abruptly stopped when he saw they were not alone.
   “Que esta pasando? What are you doing with him?” he shouted.
   Kelli approached him and placed a hand on his shoulder. “It’s okay, Angelo, we’re just going to question him. Entienden?
   Angelo nodded. “I understand. But it is dangerous to do this. You do not know these people. Son muy peligrosas.”
   “Yes, Angelo, we know they’re dangerous people, but we need to talk to him. We have to find out if Garcia is still alive. I need to know.”
   While Kelli attempted to calm Angelo, Kevin and Dan unceremoniously dumped their captive in the back of the truck. They walked back around to the front and waited for Kelli to get Angelo calmed down.
   She managed to get him to agree to drive them and their captive back to the border. Kelli and Kevin climbed into the cab with Angelo, while Dan watched their charge in the back.

Wednesday September 30th, 9:48 A.M. - El Paso, Texas
Somewhere in the desert west of El Paso

   When they crossed back into the U.S., Chris was waiting for them. He and Kevin got into a heated argument over their captive. Chris insisted they release the man and let him cross back into Mexico.
   Kevin was not going to let that happen. He pulled Chris to one side and made it clear to him that this was their one shot at getting new information on Garcia and his cartel.
   Chris finally agreed and drove them back to the shack. When they arrived, Dan and Kevin dragged the bound man into the shack and threw him on the floor.
   Kelli walked in, looked at the man, then at Dan. “Your Spanish is better than mine. Make him understand that we only want to know where Garcia is and what happened at that compound last night.”
   Dan nodded, squatted down next to the man, and pulled the gag from his mouth. “Queremos saber donde Garcia es ahora.
   The man shook his head. “No puedo decirles, me matarán.”
   Dan looked up at Kelli and shook his head. “He’s not going to talk. He’s afraid they’ll kill him if he does.”
   Kelli looked down at the man, then back to Dan. “You tell him if he doesn’t tell us, I’ll take him out and stake him down in that dry creek bed. And I’ll leave him there for the animals and insects.”
   Dan stared up at her and frowned. “Damn, I’ve never seen this side of you. When did you get so dark?”
   “When that son of a bitch killed my partner and tried to kill me. Now, tell him.”
   “You wouldn’t really do that, would you?”
   “If I don’t get the information I want, I just might. Now, are you going to tell him?”


  1. Nice! Makes me want to read more. :)

  2. That's the idea. :) Glad you liked it. I think this will be the last Sample Sunday, as this is close to the ending. I might swing one more excerpt, another teaser.

  3. I like the way you explain to us what the Spanish means without telling us what the Spanish means. Quite good.

  4. Richard, glad you liked it. When I wrote this, it just seemed natural to do it this way.