Monday, October 24, 2011

A Teaser from Storm Warning - A Kelli Storm Novel

   Roberto slowly raised his head, his eyes boring into Kelli. “Chingala pinche puta,” he hissed. “First you come around tellin’ me Raul got shanked in jail, now you got the cajones to ask about shit that ain’t your fuckin’ business.”
   Kelli didn’t waver. She focused her eyes on his. “Pendajo, it is my fucking business. Whoever ordered Raul killed is still out there. Shit Roberto, who knows, maybe you’re next on the hit list.”


  1. Love it! I used to live in Texas and would hear Spanish flying around in an argument. You've nailed it. :D

  2. Thanks! Most of my exposure came from living in Southern California, and day trips to Tijuana or Rosarito Beach. Of course, growing up in Texas didn't hurt either.