Thursday, November 17, 2011

Congratulations to the 100th Follower!

Congratulations to Montgomery, the 100th follower of my blog. You have won a free copy of my e-book, Storm Rising, as well as a free copy of my upcoming book, Storm Warning. Please contact me on Twitter via DM with your e-mail and I will provide you with a code to download your copy from Smashwords.

As for the other 99 loyal followers, if you have not already purchased my e-book, please do the same and contact me by DM on Twitter for your code.

Note: Please contact me within the next three days. I will leave the code live for 5 days, after that, if you have not downloaded your copy, please contact me. You are all on the honor system and will trust that you keep the code to yourself and not share with friends and family.

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