Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sneak Peek Saturday - Excerpt from the upcoming Kelli Storm novel, Eye of the Storm

Wednesday September 25th – 4:22 A.M. – Yonkers
Home of Kelli Storm

Kelli rolled onto her back and opened her eyes. Was that breaking glass, or was I dreaming? Shit, I’d better get up and check anyway. She looked over at Greg, who was still sleeping, shrugged and climbed out of bed. She stepped into her slippers, threw on her robe and picked her Glock up off the nightstand.
As she moved toward the door, another sound came from the hallway, and this time she knew she wasn’t dreaming it. It wasn’t breaking glass this time, it was human, and it was close. She stepped back, raising the weapon held tight in her hands, her eyes focused on the door. Her legs bumped against the bed and she fought to keep her balance.
A floorboard creaked just outside the door and she steadied herself, both hands on her Glock, ready for the intruder. She stood frozen, finger on the trigger as the doorknob turned and the door eased open. The door inched open wider and a large silhouette appeared, right hand raised, the glint of steel reflecting in the moonlight.
“Stop right there,” she shouted. “Drop the knife and get on your knees.”
The figure froze, but only for a second and then lunged forward, the knife high above its head.

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