Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Coming July 28th - Deadly Storm (A Kelli Storm Novel 3)

Sneak Peek from Deadly Storm (A Kelli Storm Novel 3) coming July 28th!

Wednesday February 15th – 1:43 P.M. – Brighton Beach
3100 Brighton 7th Street – Residence of Dmitri Belevich

As Kelli made the right off Brighton Beach Avenue, she spotted a familiar black SUV speeding away from Dmitri’s building and a cold chill ran down her spine.

“Shit, we may already be too late.” She pulled into a spot in front of the building.

“What do mean too late?”

“The SUV that just pulled out is the same one that chased me last Thursday.” She pushed the door open and got out.

Eric stepped onto the sidewalk and looked at her. “How do you know it’s the same one?”

“No rear plate and blacked out windows. Not exactly your average sport utility vehicle. Let’s go check on Mr. Belevich. Let’s just hope he’s still alive.” She headed for the entrance.

She pushed through the front door, her heart racing, with Eric right behind. Dmitri’s apartment was on the ground floor, just past the stairwell. When they reached it, the door stood slightly ajar and a vile odor permeated the air. Kelli pushed the door open all the way, glanced at Eric, and stepped inside.

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