Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Teaser Tuesday - Storm Warning - A Kelli Storm Novel

  “Now who’s being the smart ass?” She started toward the drugstore when she heard the squeal of tires. The black four-door sedan raced up West 170th, both driver side windows down, and came to a stop in front of the restaurant. Kelli instinctively pushed Eric to the sidewalk and fell on top of him as the gunmen sprayed the building.
  She managed to crawl to the side of a parked car and Eric followed. Both of them drew their weapons while shouting for people to get off the street. Kelli looked at Eric. “We wait until they have to reload, then we take these sons of bitches.”
  “You think it’s Garcia?” He shifted toward the front of the car, weapon ready.
  “I didn’t have time to see who the fuck it was, but I wouldn’t doubt that it’s his men. You take the front and I’ll come around from the back, okay?” She started moving to the rear of the car as the bullets pounded the metal, glass shards raining around her head.
  She made it to the rear of the car and turned to check on Eric. He was crouched near the front of the car, leaning against it, his Sig P226 in his right hand. She whistled and when he looked back at her, she motioned that she was going around the back of the car and he nodded.
  Kelli started around the rear when the gunfire stopped and the sedan’s tires screeched as it sped away, cutting across Broadway. She cautiously peeked over the trunk just in time to see it turn left onto Saint Nicholas Avenue. She stood and walked back to the front of the car. “You okay, Eric?”
  He brushed some glass off his jacket and nodded. “What the fuck was that? Shit, Kelli, this motherfucker is nuts. In broad daylight?”
  “Yeah, in broad daylight. I’d better get the boss on the phone, and we’re going to need CSU down here. You want to check on the people inside,” she said, thumbing at the restaurant.
  “Sure,” he said and started for the door.
  Kelli took her phone out and punched her speed dial for the Squad. In the distance, she heard the wail of several sirens. Where were you guys five minutes ago?


  1. Hi Ken,

    Like the story, I wanna read more......

    I have become a follower on your blog, follow me also if you wish at http://thewrongplaceatthewrongtime.blogspot.com/

    Nice to connect....

    Dave Perlmutter

  2. Dave, glad you like it. I will check out your site. If you want more, might I suggest getting my first book, Storm Rising. There is a link for the eBook in the top right corner, and it is also available in paperback. This is from the second book which is still in the works. It's hard for me to type today since spraining my right wrist on the Day Job. Not a good thing for a writer/author. :(

  3. Just noticed you are in Portugal. If you can't get my book on Amazon U.S., it is also on Amazon U.K.