Saturday, November 8, 2014

Kelli Storm's Biography - What you've always wanted to know but were afraid to ask

I finally convinced Kelli to let me release this, considering that the last book was published back in August, and that she and Eric are on hiatus. So, at long last, the much awaited and anticipated release of Kelli Storm's bio. Okay, it's not really a biography, but more of a synopsis of her life before the first book. What can I say, it's all she would give me, and I considered that anything was better than nothing. So, without further delay, here it is:

as authorized by Kelli Storm

Kelli Colleen Storm was born on June 24th, 1978 in Yonkers, New York, to Meara and Robert Storm. Kelli’s mother was born in Ireland and immigrated to the United States with her parents in 1965. She met Kelli’s father in 1975 and they were married in 1977. Kelli’s father joined the NYPD in 1972 and became a detective in 1978, shortly after Kelli was born. On August 15th, 1988, while walking to Sunday Mass, Robert Storm was shot and killed. Kelli, who was ten years old at the time, was walking beside him when he was gunned down.
At age twenty-two, after graduating college, Kelli joined the NYPD and began working her father’s case, despite department policy and the risk of being caught and losing her job. She married Kevin Watson, a Yonkers Police Officer, when she was twenty-three. The marriage only lasted three years, as Kelli began drinking and became abusive. After the divorce, Kelli continued drinking for another six months before seeking help and joining Alcoholics Anonymous. After the divorce, and before AA, she moved back in with her mother and took back her maiden name, not wanting to have any memories of a bad marriage.
With her new found sobriety, Kelli made Detective Third Grade at age twenty-eight, and three years later, was promoted to Detective Second Grade after making several felony arrest. She has been described by her fellow detectives as intelligent and tough, and yet she does on occasion show her sensitive side. She has the tenacity of a pit bull when it comes to a case, and will not let go until the case is solved and the bad guys are locked up.

I hope you found this informative, despite the brevity. Hopefully I can convince her to tell me more sometime, that is if she ever comes back from her extended vacation.

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