Sunday, November 9, 2014

New project - Prequel to the Kelli Storm Series

After posting Kelli's brief bio yesterday, I had an idea this morning of doing a prequel to book one. I attempted to contact Kelli and run the idea by her, but it seems that she turned her cell phone off and is not checking her messages. Either that or she is just ignoring me. Some thanks after writing four books for her. Cest' la vie. Anyway, I decided to make and executive decision and started working on it. It is as yet untitled, even though I have been playing around with a few, I just can't decide and there's really no rush anyway.

The book is going to start out with Kelli reporting to her first precinct after the academy. Now, for those who haven't read the first book, she started at the 9th Precinct in the East Village, though I don't believe I got into details on that. She is assigned to a Field Training Officer (FTO) who is a real hard ass, to a point. (There is a reason for that, and if you've ever been on the job, or know someone who is or was, then you'll understand.) Not to go into a lot of details, mainly because I'm still figuring things out, but this book will answer a lot of questions for those of you who have read the series. Oh, and it will also be a good standalone read too.

Keep checking back for updates. As of now, I am currently working on three active projects, so it will be a while before this one sees the light of day, though I'm hoping it won't be too long.

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